Cavin - French knowledge, Scandinavian design

Cavin - French knowledge, Scandinavian design

The French are known for their wine and the Scandinavians are known for their design. With one foot in each region, Cavin was founded. By combining wine expertise with passion for design, Cavin succeeds in producing stylish and affordable wine coolers of good quality. Lately, Cavin have expanded their assortment with a number of beer coolers - because who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer every now and then?

A wine cooler from Cavin can be placed anywhere in your home, without the sound volume disturbing your everyday life. Cavin’s wine coolers have a pleasant sound level and are available in a variety of sizes - fitting for rooms, corners and kitchens of any proportion.

Why choose a wine cooler from Cavin?

Low noise level - Cavin’s wine coolers have a low noise level of down to 26 dB
Size variation - Cavin offers the right wine cooler for large, medium and small spaces
Good value for money - Cavin’s wine and beer coolers are affordable without compromising on quality
Customised measurments for your kitchen - Cavin’s built-in wine coolers have aligned measurements for kitchens from e.g. IKEA
Independent temperature zones - Most of Cavin’s wine coolers with 2 temperature zones have independent cooling systems which give you big flexibility when setting the temperature