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Cavin - Built-in wine cooler with 800 mm high door

The Cavin 800 is the ideal wine cooler if your kitchen cabinet doors are 800 mm high. The wine cooler has been designed specially for the UK market and fits perfectly in a kitchen from suppliers such as IKEA or Kvik. With its unique door height and stylish design, this wine cooler creates a contemporary look in your home.


Cavin Built-in wine cooler - Scandinavian Collection 800 Stainless (W: 37.8 x H: 86.5/92.5 x D: 60 cm)

Great value for a modest price! The built-in wine cooler holds 29 bottles and is chilled by a compressor equipped with an anti-vibration system to protect the bottles. The wine cooler has an elegant design, five pull-out wooden shelves and two adjustable temperature zones. With a door height of 800 mm, the wine cooler fits perfectly in a kitchen from a supplier such as IKEA.

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