Find your perfect mQuvée wine cooler!

Store your wine to perfection with a premium wine cooler
Store your wine to perfection with a premium wine cooler
European mQuvée has for many years been specialising in wine, its storage and the perfect taste sensation when it’s served. In order to guarantee that every wine is tempered to its ideal serving temperature, all of mQuvée’s wine coolers are equipped with UV protection, compressor cooling and vibration free shelves made of wood. mQuvée’s wine cabinets, on the other hand, are designed for long-term storage of your wine collection and follow the 5 golden rules of wine storage which let your wines mature safely and soundly.

For mQuvée, it’s important that the wine coolers not only feel right for your wine collection, but that their design also feels right for you and your home. mQuvée’s wine coolers are some of the most exclusive ones on the market, partly due to the possibility to customise the details of your cooler yourself!

Get up to 5 years of warranty when you select a wine cooler or wine cabinet from mQuvée!
mQuvée takes pride in its meticulously developed range and aims to offer durable and reliable products. mQuvée's high-quality wine coolers come with up to 5 years of warranty*. Read more

Choose the details of your wine cooler!

Custom Made - mQuvée offers wine coolers that allow you to choose the colour of the door, handle and plinth yourself - in order to adapt it to your kitchen or make the cooler stand out.

Panel Ready - with the option to mount your own front on the door frame, you achieve a seamless integration with your kitchen decor and a wine cooler that matches your unique style!

Different door heights - mQuvée’s built-in wine coolers are available with three different door heights. Choose between 700 mm, 720 mm and 780, 800 mm doors and align the wine cooler to your kitchen cabinets!

Removable plinth - Use your own kitchen plinth in front of your built-in wine cooler and create a coherent feeling in your kitchen!

Changeable handle - Most of mQuvées wine coolers have standardised handle measurements. Change the handle into whichever one you like the best!

Discover mQuvée’s wine cooler & beer cooler series

As wine cooler and wine storage specialists, mQuvée has something to offer every wine lover. Our range of wine coolers provides options that seamlessly fit your home. Choose from the mQuvée WineExpert series for free-standing wine coolers, granting you the freedom to place them wherever you desire. Alternatively, opt for the WineCave built-in wine coolers that seamlessly blend with your kitchen decor. For an even more discreet solution, WineKeeper presents an outstanding selection of integrated wine coolers with concealed ventilation. Wine enthusiasts looking to store wine for extended periods will also find wine cabinets in the WineStore and Velvet series. In addition to wine coolers, mQuvée's Beerserver range offers beer coolers and drink coolers in various sizes and designs.

Beyond free-standing wine coolers, built-in wine coolers, and integrated wine coolers, mQuvée also provides the freedom to customise the wine cooler to fit your home. With Custom Made wine coolers, you can choose the colour of the door, handle, and plinth, making it easy to match your wine cooler to your kitchen decor. mQuvée's Panel Ready option offers seamless integration in your kitchen by allowing you to mount your custom front on the door frame.

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